Concrete Flooring

Concreate flooring and wall panels are taking interior design to the next level. These products allow you to have the concrete look and stylish design without the complication of a poured or polished floor. We offer both supply and supply and install on all concreate products.

Concrete Flooring Innovation

Concreate floor panels are made from two a two layer construction: The top, decorative wear layer is made from a micro-fibre portland type cement which is sealed with natural high solid oil to maintain the raw tactile surface. The surface has a distinctive mottled patina which is unique to Concreate and is produced in a choice of three colours, Natural Grey, Dark Grey and Mineral White; The base layer is a non- portland mineral cement. Its honeycomb structure is reinforced with recycled textile sheets and it is this layer that enables the floor panels to be just 14 mm thick and weigh just over 7kg.

Tongue & Groove Installation

Concreate floor panels are designed to be installed like a parquet floor utilising a revolutionary but brilliantly simple idea of a tongue and grooved fitting system. The floor panels are tongue and grooved on all 4 sides so that they slot together, which means there is no grouting required.

Concrete Walls

Large format concrete wall tiles have in the past been cumbersome objects precast in thick concrete which must be fixed to load bearing walls and reinforced structures. Concreate has revolutionised the way the concrete aesthetic can now be applied with large format panels which are just 4 mm thick and weigh just over 7kg per square metre. They are so light that they can be fixed with Concreate wall adhesive to just about any flat surface, including, walls, ceilings, furniture and counter tops. The panels are so thin they can even be cut by scoring with a sharp blade. As with the floor the surface has the same textured raw feel and is sealed with 3 coats of Concreate high solid oil making them stain and water resistant.

Simple installation

The wall panels can be cut to fit any flat shape and in some instances have been heated and curved to fit rounded walls and bars. Due to the micro fibre make up of the cement, the panels can be drilled and screwed without fear of cracks. The precision squared edges are fitted with simple butt joins and do not require grout. Corner joints can be butt joined, filled with Concreate repair powder and sanded for a smooth finish. Cut with a diamond blade the panels can also be mitre joined for precision detailing on furniture pieces. With modern CNC and routing tools the panels can be embellished with patterns and logos can be cut into the face with great effect.

Concrete Versatility

The Wall panels are made from the same top layer as the floor panels and come in the same selection of colours to match the floor. Now designers can create heavy looking concrete structures with a lightweight construction, or retro fit concrete without the need for drastic rebuilds.

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