Calder Valley Flooring Ltd Terms & Conditions 


Supply & Install Upon receipt of order, a 50% deposit for the material cost is required to secure the order. All goods must be paid for in full immediately after installation. Any fitting work is a separate contract / agreement with the fitters and any associated cost is payable will be directly to them on completion of the work. Cancellations or alterations cannot be accepted once the carpet / floor covering has been ordered to original specifications. Accounts not settled on completion will be subject to a charge of 2.5% per calendar month.

Supply Only All goods must be paid for in full upon receipt of order. Cancellations or alterations cannot be accepted once the carpet / floor covering has been ordered to original specifications. Accounts not settled on completion will be subject to a charge of 2.5% per calendar month.

Customers are required where possible to clear all rooms where carpets / floor coverings are to be fitted. Calder Valley Flooring Ltd shall not be held responsible for any incidental damage caused whilst fitting in rooms which have not been cleared, or hidden services i.e. pipes/wires etc, under the floor or otherwise not pointed out to staff prior to fitting. Customers must claim on their own household insurance. May we respectfully point out that fitters are not joiners and any doors opening onto the carpet / floor covering with not enough clearance will have to be removed where necessary

All carpets may show pressure marks, plain carpets in particular may show light or dark patches, this is a normal reaction to wear and light reflection and does not constitute as a fault in the material. Where different widths of carpet are involved in the same location the manufacturers cannot guarantee perfect colour or pattern match. Berber or berber-look carpets sometimes have a fleck and / or lined effect which is not always apparent in the sample. This is not a fault, but is a characteristic of this type of product. All sizes are approximate. Slight variations are unavoidable and a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% is allowed accordingly.

New Underlay Must be laid at the time of installation. Guarantees will not apply should this condition not be adhered to.

All our carpets / floor coverings are fitted by a professional fitter who will exercise total expertise and professionalism. However, if you require specific requirements for joints and / or pattern matching i.e. on hall, stairs and landings or in doorways etc. this must be pointed out to our staff when the order is placed.

Natural products have certain characteristics which should be noted: yarn may not always be entirely regular; floor covering may not always lay absolutely straight, and in order to be secured must be fully adhered; yarn will darken or lighten with age; a colour match between sample and roll cannot be assured. Although every care will be taken when fitting a close cut edge may not be possible, and no warranty or guarantee can be offered. Please do not hesitate to consult a member of staff if further information is required.

Acceptance of orders - Orders will only be accepted subject to conditions of trading.

Retention of title - The ownership of the goods shall remain with us and we reserve the right to dispose of the goods until payment in full has been received in accordance with the terms of sale. If such payment is overdue in the whole or in part we may (without prejudice to any other rights of ours) recover or resell the goods or any part of them, and may enter upon your premises by our servants or agents for that purpose. Such payment shall become due immediately upon the commencement of any act or preceding in which your solvency is involved. All stocks are offered subject to being unsold at the time of acceptance.

Whilst every endeavour is made to give exact match of design, finish and colour, we regret we cannot guarantee this when ordering goods

Complaints cannot be entered into if goods have been misused, the Sellers Agent of Representatives` decision being final. Cash cannot be refunded on cancelled orders and no cancellation will be accepted on goods ordered to customers specifications. All specifically ordered goods must be paid for in full. Cancellation only accepted in writing.
Last update: 5th June 2017