Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring offers three big benefits over other types of flooring – price, installation, and durability. Vinyl flooring prices are among the cheapest in the flooring world. In fact, they are a mere fraction of what you would pay for other types of flooring – like hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone. But it’s not all about price.

Simple Installation

When it comes to vinyl flooring, installation is a breeze. That’s because it simply glues to your existing floor or underlayment. Because it’s so easy to do, installation prices are much lower than other types of flooring. And, you don’t even have to hire a professional to do it if you don’t want to… Vinyl is a great do-it-yourself project!

Long Lasting

And, once your new floor is installed, you can count on it for years. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t last! In fact, the average lifespan is longer than you might think. You can count on your vinyl to look good for years! That’s why so many good vinyl flooring manufacturers will offer lifetime warranties on their products – or offer warranties that are good for years and years.

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